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Technical Documents
All labels on machines and lay-out drawings, Electrical diagram, User Manual, will be in English. Merck Technology LTD should send all necessary files to the buyer since the third week since project execution. All documents in hard copies should be also shipped with machines together.

Arrangement for Inspection, Installation and Testing Work
1. After all machines are delivered to customer’s factory; Buyer is responsible for all preparation work, e.g. electricity supply, water supply, labors and cranes, etc.

2. Merck Tech LTD will prepare for visa application for their engineers, who are responsible for guide of machine installation and testing at the Buyer’s factory. 

3. The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible to bear expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD50-60 per day for each engineer.

4. engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer’s factory.

Quantity and Quality Guarantee
1. Quantity/ Quality Discrepancy to destination port during transportation: 
In case of quality/quantity discrepancy to destination port in transportation, customer should file claim within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination. Merck Technology will be responsible for any discrepancy of the goods caused by shipping company and other transportation organization and/or post office. 

2. Guarantee period and after-sales services: 15 months since date of bill of lading
During this guarantee period, we will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, we will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price. 

3. Long-term service:
Merck Tech Ltd will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.


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