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Linear Type Soft Drink filling Machine

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Product:Linear Type Soft Drink filling Machine

1.The production line is mainly used in washing, filling and capping aerate beverage such as carbonated drinks, cola, iced tea and aerate mineral water and so on.

2. It is advanced in construction, steady in performance, easy in operation and maintain, and the speed can be adjust infinitively and meets the standards of the drink. It is the ideal choice for small and middle scale drink factories.

3. The line is composed by rotary washer, balanced pressure filler, screw type capper and conveying system.

                                                Techncial Specification (12-12-1)

1) Conveying belt

    Model: US4/18

    Material: SUS304Stainless steel   Protection board: High-density engineering plastic.

    Length: 6M , stepless speed regulation.

    Powder: 0.75KW

    Width: 50-90 mm


   Model: QS-12 ,Material: SUS304 Stainless steel

   Production capacity: 1000-2000B/H

   Bottle diameter: 50-90mm

   Bottle height: 160-300mm                        

   Powder: 0.75KW

  Overall dimension: 1200×1000×1800mm  

  Weight: 800KG

  This machine uses continuously rinsing, suitable for different size bottle.  

  Electrical Motor: BEIDE

  Speed reducer : Hang Zhou

  Controller: Electromagnetic speed regulating  

  Electrical apparatus element: DELIXI


   Model: DY-12 (Isobaric filling)

   Material: SUS304 Stainless steel  

   Production capacity: 1000-2000B/H (500ML glass BOTTLE)

   Bottle type: PET/glass bottle

   Bottle height :    160~300mm

   Bottle diameter:    50~90mm

   Filling temperature:  5-95°C

   Filling pressure:  0.2~0.3Mpa                

   Powder: 0.75KW  

   Motor: Jiangsu BEIDE  

   Speed reducer: Hangzhou  

   Control: Electromagnetic speed regulating  

   Electrical apparatus element:  DELIXI  

   Liquid level :    SIBAKE Taiwan

   Overall dimension: 1000×900×2100mm

   Weight: 700KG


  Model: FXZ-1

  Motor powder:     0.55KW

  Production capacity: 2000B/h  

  Overall dimension:  940×650×2000mm  

  Weight  350kg


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